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    We are a United Nations Global Compact Member with operating offices in

    New York, Sao Paulo and Buenos Aires.


    We are not just a gateway to someone else's capital -

    We are a well-established Financial Institution.








    Our Mortgage Brokerage and Advisory Services Company has been in operations since 1996.

    We provide the following Services for Domestic and International Real Estate.


    • Multifamily Mortgage Financing
    • Hard_Money / Bridge Financing
    • Construction Financing / Development Funding
    • Hotel and Leisure Financing
    • Office Buildings Financing
    • Community Development Financing
    • Health Care Facilities Financing
    • Complex Deal Structuring
    • Note Financing
    • Work Outs and Re-Organization
    • Fund Organization
    • Effective Negotiation
    • Real Property Acquisitions
    • Structured Finance
    • Securitized and non Securitized
    • Mezzanine Funding
    • International Network of Funding
    • Fund Creation
    • Conduit Funding and Creation


    We have loan origination agreements with reputable financial sources.
    In addition we have access to Mezzanine funding sources that come to the plate when a borrower needs more leverage.Melville works in a partnership with management teams to provide wide array of mortgage financial services and products.

    • Vast experience in mortgage financing, project financing, divestitures, capital raising, valuations, direct investments and debt restructuring.
    • Access to banks, institutional investors (i.e.: pension funds, insurance companies, other private equity funds), high net worth individuals, and multi-national institutions.
    • Access to industry experts with the ability to build efficient and cohesive teams.


    Access to equity markets as arrangers in the creation of special purpose funds with the objectives of achieving above-average long-term capital and income for investors, with leveraged returns on equity expecting to be very favorable showing superior performances resulting from superior asset selection ability, achieving high internal rates of returns.


    Providing a real estate investment vehicle designed to give equity investors in direct investing

    Funds are used to provide equity in developments of residential condominium units, hotels, office buildings, shopping centers and mixed use properties. In addition the financing of income producing commercial, residential properties, distressed Real Estate properties, mortgage assets, mortgage backed securities and companies that have undervalued Real Estate assets.

    We understand that to grow, we must develop lasting relationships that encourage repeat business. We know that clients have other options, and we are committed to meeting their real state financing needs with sophisticated, innovative solutions. These are the cornerstones of our client-focused philosophy. Our reputation is built on it. Our future will thrive on it .

    Melville Capital Group realizes that every transaction and every client is unique. We offer a breadth of lending programs, allowing us to utilize loan structures to accommodate and satisfy the borrower, which is key to building long-term, trusting relationships.


    Though our subsidiary, a local Argentine Sociedad Anonima,

    Salary deduction loans to Government Employees.


    We fund micro loans to individual government employees in Argentina, we do this by entering into a financial assistance agreements with the borrowers Mutuals and Unions, these entities have the ability to direct debit the paycheck and credit payments to our investors.

    We currently have agreements with the Mutuales of Prefectura Naval, Policia Federal, Gendarmeria and other Fuerzas.

    This allows us to have a potential captive audience of approximately 100,000 borrowers.


    Melville Capital Group LLC. facilitates and manages the process of opening Letters of Credit (LC's) on behalf of its clients. The LC's are issued by Prime Banks. We have established banking relationships, and are positioned to provide flexible and expedited services. Specific collateral deposits are not required, we leverage the banking or lending facilities which may be currently provided by other institutions.

    We enable purchasers of products to enable the issuance's of LC's for the local country usage of pre-export financing. Our partners are experts in the World of Trade Finance, in all types of LC contracts such as UCP 600 for documentary LC's and ISP98 for standby Letters of Credit.

    We provide LC's for almost any type of commodity goods to apparel and textiles, and electronic components to consumer appliances and specialty products. Transaction amounts range from $200,000 to $500,000,000.


    We maintain an effective AML program and are KYC and US Patriot Act compliant.


    An irrevocable letter of credit can not be amended or revoked without the agreement of ALL the parties to the letter of credit, so it provides the assurance that providing the beneficiary complies with the terms, he/she will be paid for the goods or services. Under UCP 500, a letter of credit is deemed irrevocable unless otherwise stated.

    An unconfirmed irrevocable letter of credit provides a commitment by the issuing bank to pay, accept, or negotiate a letter of credit. An advising bank forwards the letter of credit to the beneficiary without responsibility or undertaking on its part except that it must use reasonable care to check the authenticity of the credit which it advised. It does not provide a commitment from the advising bank to pay, so the beneficiary is reliant upon the undertaking of the overseas bank. The beneficiary is not protected from the credit risk of the issuing bank nor the country risk.

    Confirmed irrevocable letter of credit is one to which the advising bank adds its confirmation, makes its own independent undertaking to effect payment, negotiation or acceptance, providing documents are presented which comply with the terms of the letter of credit. The advising bank, which may also be the confirming bank, assumes the country (political and economic) risk of the applicant’s country as well as the credit risk, failure and default of the issuing bank and effects payment to the beneficiary without recourse.

    Transferable Credit
    Under a transferable letter of credit a beneficiary (the first beneficiary) can ask the issuing/advising/confirming bank to transfer the letter of credit in whole or in part to another party/ies such as supplier/s (second beneficiary/ies). A transferable letter of credit is usually used when the beneficiary is not the manufacturer/original supplier of some/all of the goods/services. This process enables the beneficiary to pay the manufacturer/original supplier by letter of credit. If
    the bank agrees, this bank, referred to as the transferring bank, advises the letter of credit to the second beneficiary/ies in the terms and conditions of the original letter of credit with certain constraints defined in Article 48 of UCP 500. Can be transferred by the original beneficiary to one or more other parties. It is normally used when the first beneficiary does not supply the merchandise himself, but is a middleman and wants to transfer all or part of his rights
    to the actual supplier (Article 38 UCP 600)

    Assignment of Proceeds
    The right to the proceeds of a letter of credit can sometimes be assigned where the beneficiary of a letter of credit is not the actual supplier of all or part of the letter of credit and wants the bank to pay the supplier out of funds received from the letter of credit. The beneficiary may choose this option if he or she does not want to request a transferable letter of credit from a buyer in order to keep the buyer from knowing who is the actual supplier of the goods does not have the necessary credit with the bank to issue a new letter of credit to a supplier. An assignment of proceeds takes
    the form of an irrevocable instruction from the beneficiary to the bank requesting that it pay the supplier out of the proceeds of the letter of credit which becomes due when documents are presented in compliance with the terms of the letter of credit.

    A standby letter of credit is one which is issued as a back-up or form of insurance for the seller should the buyer default on the agreed-upon payment terms. A standby letter of credit is issued in the same way a documentary credit is in that the collateral needed for issuance is required by the issuing bank and the beneficiary must comply with every detail as outlined in the letter of credit. Normally, this type of LC functions like a guarantee. This type of credit can be drawn against only upon performance of service or financial obligation default. It is a definite undertaking of the
    issuing bank. The standby letters of credit from CIB and GEBS both state that they are governed by UCP 600. If that is the case, should we mention ISP98.

    Under UCP 600 a letter of credit is revocable even if there is no indication to that effect (article 3).

    Documentary; Merchandise, Commercial, Trade
    The majority of LCs issued are in payment for goods in shipment or current services performed. Payment is normally made against documents for goods shipped. (Article 2 UCP 600)


    Immediate Alerts in Real Time

    Cutting- Edge Technology

    Melville Capital Group dedicated to resolving one of the worlds most vital problems.

    Early identification of contaminants in drinking water is crucial. The technology we offer is highly sensitive and continuously monitors and analyzes the quality of running water, detects and immediately alerts of any general turbidity, microbiological and/or organic contamination of as low as 10 particles in 1 milliliter.

    Contamination events can spark making entire water system hazardous, unsafe for consumption, without any indication of the problem. It is an autonomous system that guarantees effective and efficient results eliminating dated sample lab testing and unnecessary wait times.


    Continuous Water Quality Monitoring Immediate Alerts in Real Time.




    Take a look and enjoy!


    Join Us


    Power markets. We have experience in all facets from building, financing and management of power plants. From hydro dams, gas closed and end cycle power plants, coal and now Solar, Wind and Bio energy generation plants.

    Over the years we have created solid relationships with renowned multi-national engineering firms is well versed in all power generation technologies.

    We deal strictly from principal to principal, with that are members of families and companies and over the past decade has diversified themselves from development of power generation facilities to all energy infrastructure, trading and consultancy to investments in large infrastructure projects worldwide, telecommunications, development of large mixed use real estate projects, Project Management and Construction Management, and Hospitality Development and
    Facilities Management. Inclusive we have access to firms that are trading arm that are set up to trade energy sector commodities that include iron-ore, coal, oil, gas and various other products.

    These include our infrastructure projects, real estate developments, hospitality assets, trading of oil and gas, banking and finance, information technology projects, telecommunications and power generation projects.






    MCG has created a vertically integrated construction process that uses LEED certified components.

    Our integrated housing delivery process is not just the construction materials and the systems implementations it encompasses the following in each

    • Introducing of Melville and Partner products and environmentally friendly construction solutions.  
    • Develop and capture construction business opportunities or projects to realize the return on investment and sustain the business model.
    • Establishing joint venture relationships also within the country to develop “Green” solutions for projects in both residential and commercial 
      sectors for private  clients and government agencies.
    • Provide the financing, purchase, structuring, securitization, development, fulfillment of building products to be used in-conjunction with the 
      local  partners, for the various developments and loan portfolios that reside with either private or public entities.  The loan types while not 
      limited to, include residential, commercial housing loans both first and second lien, home equity, home improvement, installment contracts for 
      housing, consumer  finance, and commercial bank loans either previously owned in portfolio or newly originated.
    • The formation of private equity fund(s), for the purpose of intra-country investments for the prospective projects.


    OUR "Business Model"

    Today the world-wide demand for housing far succeeds supply. The United Nations, the World Bank, and Habitat for Humanity all agree that the global housing shortage is one of the most pressing global problems.

    The main roadblock to increased production is that there have been few

    significant advances in traditional construction technology in decades.
    Traditional construction requires materials (such as wood, stone, bricks) and skilled labor that are in very short supply in most of the world. A home building solution that solves this problem enjoys a virtually unlimited market.

    We have developed the solution: vertically integrated systems that produce, Sustainable, Attractive, Durable and Affordable commercial and residential units that are built in days (rather than months) using its priority systems.

    Melville has been working developing complete sustainable housing solutions targeted to Public Private Partnerships (PPP) mega projects with State
    and Federal governments within Argentina, Peru, Brazil, South Africa, Angola, and Nigeria.

    Our solutions encompass our own priority Green Building Envelope Solutions that includes the integration of various technologies;

    Industrialized Insulating Concrete Form System (ICF)
    Industrialized Insulating Concrete Form System (ICF) for building walls and foundations, MCG’s ICF products can be used in commercial, residential
    and institutional construction applications to make high-performance, sustainable buildings that are safe, healthy, comfortable and energy efficient.
    Industrialized Precast Cellular Concrete Systems (IPCC)
    Industrialized Precast Cellular Concrete (IPCC) Systems for housing construction is based on using assembly line techniques: painting, insulating,
    exterior stucco, installation of doors, windows, interior partition walls, plumbing and electrical lines, light fixtures, toilets, sinks, cupboards, stairs, etc.
    Environmentally Friendly

    • Reduces Energy Costs  
    • No CFC's & non-Toxic
    • Replaces Timber        Builder Friendly
    • Reduced Construction Time
    • Any Architectural Design        Home Owner Friendly
    • Increases Resale Value
    • Replaces Insulation Material
    • No Structural Deterioration



    CF block -Insulated Concrete Forms (or ICFs) are forms or molds that have built-in insulation for accepting reinforced concrete.


    The first patent application for an ICF was registered in the late 1960’s. Since then, and articularly in the last 4 years, ICFs have been fast-becoming the mainstream preferred building product worldwide for all of the right reasons. These large, hollow blocks are stacked right off of the truck and filled with reinforcing bar and concrete. The end result leaves you with a high-performing wall that is structurally sound, insulated, strapped, has a vapor barrier and is ready to accept final exterior and interior finishes.




    Available in a range of thicknesses from 8" to 12" and widths up to 12', our precast wall panelization system provide thermal efficiency, structural integrity and design flexibility.




    Constructed off-site, under controlled plant conditions, using the same materials and designing to the same codes and standards as conventionally built facilities – but in about half the time. Buildings are produced in “modules” that when put together on site, reflect the identical design intent and specifications of the most sophisticated site-built facility – without compromise.


    Building off site ensures better construction quality management.. We ensure stringent QA/QC programs with independent inspection and testing protocols that promote superior quality of construction every step of the way.



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